What I Learned About Love

Military Special Needs Network

Listen up folks: it’s not often we get a blog from a dad. Heck. It’s not often we see dads too actively involved, period, just due to deployment schedules, geo bachelor orders, work ups and whatnot. This dad shares his point of view, and how he learned to change his parenting style. He shares how much he loves his child – how willing he is to do what is best for his son, regardless of the fact that it is outside of his comfort zone. This is a good dad. His lesson learned, that loving another person is about the  other person, is one we can all take home. (KLH)

168716133I was a lucky kid. I grew up with two good parents who made sure I ate the right things, did my homework, put me in good schools, and instilled discipline into my character. Along the way I’ve had great…

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